Sunday Morning Worship @ 11:00am

Sunday Night Fellowship @ 6:30pm

Sunday Night Prayer @ 7:30pm

Mid-Week Bible Study-Thurs. @ 7:00pm

Food Outreach: Sundays @1:00pm


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Welcome to our church!




growingWe are glad that you have visited this page and that you are interested in joining us. God loves you very much! You probably have some questions, and hopefully we will answer most of those questions here in the website.


What time are your worship services?


Sunday mornings from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, all church fellowship from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and all church prayer meeting from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm


We also have Healing School class on scheduled Saturdays from 10:00AM - 11:30AM as well as pantry or food outreach immediately after healing school Learn more..


Pick the time that is most convenient for you and join us


How do I get to MCM Worship Center?


The church building is located at 9270 The Park at Bay Plaza in Tampa Florida (Suite # 600) near Highway 60 Blvd past US 75 and behind Clarion Inn. It is easy to find. Click here to get and print directions to the church For further information, contact our office at 813 621 5648 or Email Us


What can I expect from a worship service?


Be prepared for an upbeat, enthusiastic praise & worship experience leading you into the presence of God. Come expecting to be healed (Soul, Mind and Body). Our pastor presents the truths of the Bible in a compelling manner each week. Dress comfortably! Our worship services rarely end with the final amen. Folks seem to hang around, enjoying each other's company and sharing smiles and small talk. Kids are at play and laughter fills the air.

Our pastors will be honored to agree and pray with you or or for your family needs to be met. You may remain behind for prayer if you wish after each service. A counsellor or an usher will be glad to direct you to the alters. We are here for you!


Do you offer programs for children?


We sure do! We provide nursery care during the ministry part of the service. We offer a special and unique ministry experience geared specifically for grade school kids. We also have nursary care for little babies in their respectiful room.


What about teenagers?


Teenagers are welcome in all of our weekly services. We consider teenagers as a special generation that we need in our services. They are free to sit and enjoy the worship experience with their parents. We also give them opportunities to train in video, audio and camera operations during our live services for podcasting and internet streaming.


How can I learn more about your church and possible church membership?


Once a month, we have a "Welcome Home" meeting with all those who register at MCM Worship Center and desire to consider it as their home church. In this meeting, we offer a brief presentation of the basic core values of MCM worship Center. This is a chance for you to meet our pastors, Patrick and Mikki Nyaga. Our designated minister at the front desk also offers a welcome package to those visiting the church for the first time. The package includes important information about the church. If you are interested in becoming a member of this ministry, email us at church@mcmworshipcenter.org to make your reservation.


Our desire is that you find a warm and caring family of believers at MCM Worship Center. We believe God is more concerned about your future than any failure or disappointments you may have experienced. He is more interested in your potential than your past. We are not perfect, we are real people with real issues, but living a life of faith in our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ together. An usher will hand you a visitors card to fill out before you leave the church service. Please fill it before you leave and return it to the usher or put it in an offering bucket so that we have information about you where we can contact you and fellowship with you during your good and challenging times.


Read more about our weekly Relief Outreach for the families experiencing financial challenges


Click here if you desire to read more or print out the membership information package of MCM Worship Center Church


We invite you to become a part of God's family here at MCM Worship Center.

You will be apart of reaching others with the love of God within our community and abroad.


May God richly bless you!


Pastor Patrick Nyaga



Click here to Connect with the pastor



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