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Welcome to Life Groups


What are Life Groups?


These are small Groups here at MCM Worship Center where people are able to grow in their faith in a small group setting. It is a place where people can know others and be known by others, where they can pray and be prayed for, encourage and be encouraged or even plan outreaches together.


We were never meant to "do life" alone. We were designed to walk with each other, to grow with one another and to glorify God together. We are convinced at MCM Worship Center that everyone needs the support and encouragement of other people. Everyone needs community.


While it can be easy to get lost or hide in a Sunday morning service, Life Groups facilitate an environment to actually be known other people just like you. Through these relationships, we mutually challenge and encourage one another in our faith wihin the group setting of 6-12 people.


The great thing about Life Groups is that they are all different, but have the same goal and purpose. They exist to help people grow in their faith by facilitating an environment of encouragement, challenge, support and love. The format and atmosphere for each group will be different depending on the leader and the people in the group.



The following Life Connect Groups are under developments and will be starting soon!



Group 1: Youth - Young Adults


Group 2: Married


Group 3: Singles


Group 4: Seniors (Young At Hearts)



What To Expect In A Life Group?


Expect to Laugh:

We like to have fun and enjoy life with one another.


Expect to Grow:

We want to help people take forward steps in their relationship with God.


Expect to be Loved:

We will not make you feel judged, criticized or stupid. We are all works in progress. We believe in taking slow steps together.


Expect to fellowship with God's Word:

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing of God's Word. A small portion of the time will be spent in Bible study.



Additional Frequently Asked Questions:


Should I bring my Bible?

Yes. We always like to spend time together reading scripture. Not every group will spend a large amount of time in the in the Bible, but come expecting to learn and expecting to grow.


What should I wear?

Dress casual. You can leave the slacks at home, wear something comfortable. Remember it is about doing life together, not impressing one another.


How long will it last?

Hours and hours, just kidding. Every group is different, but most groups meet for about an hour and half each week.


If I go to a group and don't enjoy it, do I have to stay in that group?

No. We will find the best place for you. Don't worry about it, let us help you get in the right group that fits your personality and needs.


Do I have to be a Bible whiz to be in a group?

Absolutely not. We are growing together. It is not about how much you know, but rather about how God is working in your life. Remember, we are all works in progress. The aim is not information, but transformation.  


That's what MCM Worship Center Life Groups are all about. Consider joining one today.



Interested in leading a Life Group?


We are always looking for men, women, and couples who are willing to invest their life into other people. We would love to talk with you further. Please take a moment, fill out the Leadership application form online and we will get back to you within a week to walk you through a Life Group Leadership Orientation class.


Thank you ahead of time for your willingness to take the next step and lead others. WELCOME!


For more information; please call 813 621 5648  / Email:




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